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Warehouse logistics is the link between the manufacturer and the end consumer. It is the technology used to manage the warehouse operations required to ensure that the required goods are available, do not spoil or become obsolete, and are quickly delivered to the warehouse and shipped to the consumer.
Warehouse logistics automation: where robots are replacing humans
What promotion strategies do famous companies choose? How do you enter the market if your offer is not unique and your competitors are breathing down your neck? Either the best, or the most creative come out ahead. Those who are not afraid to try new things. Unique, unusual, memorable.

For a business not to become an overnight experience, it must evolve. Even a small business looks for ways to stand out. It comes up with its own "thing" to be remembered by the customer. It can be anything: a name, a special presentation of advertising, a style of placing an order, a non-standard website.
Marketing Lessons. Promotion strategies of famous companies
Account-based marketing focuses on specific companies or key accounts. The ABM strategy focuses on selling and promoting to a narrowly targeted, most often B2B, audience.

In other words, ABM works with quality rather than quantity. And it starts at the other end of the sales funnel, i.e. at its base. The ABM strategy focuses on companies that could become ideal customers. For example, by tracking website visitors or researching potential customers, creating content and developing marketing campaigns specifically for certain businesses and companies.
Why is it more interesting to build yourself or give away for building than to buy a ready-made property?
Property in Greece starts at 250,000 euros, but if we talk about decent luxury and premium options, prices start at 400,000 euros. Those who are able to purchase such properties and plan to live or holiday in Greece expect a certain amount of comfort and, as a rule, are not limited to the minimum cost of the property. Having analysed dozens of transactions SARGONA PRIVATE CAPITAL can confirm that for many of our clients and wealthy individuals the more interesting option is self-build or rent-to-own. This allows all wishes to be taken into account.
Ready to buy a house? But maybe it's more profitable to build one yourself...
In 1544, Henry VIII of England undertook the Great Debasement of the ever-reliable British silver penny. The silver content in the coin began to be only 25%, compared to the old 92.5%. In other words, it began to take about 3.7 times more pennies to buy an ounce of silver than before. It is obvious that prices in Britain soon rose by about three times.
Henry did not invent anything new. The Romans at one time devalued denarius, which led to the price of wheat rising two million times. Central banks today are essentially doing the same thing, but in the digital age. Benchmark in the Bretton Woods era $35 an ounce. Now this figure has decreased by about 50:1. To buy one ounce of gold, you will now need about fifty times more dollars.
Fixing inflation is easy, but no one talks about it
Above 830 units, the General Index returned to the Athens Stock Exchange and to the highest levels since June 24, thanks to the outperformance of banking stocks, as well as the support of selected blue chips. The domestic market was also boosted by the positive climate in Europe, at a time when investors were focusing on the Fed meeting.
In more detail, as far as the statistics of yesterday's meeting are concerned, the General Index registered a gain of 0.67% and closed at 834.85 points, while the turnover amounted to 41.04 million euros. According to Depolas Investment Services, the upward limit for the A.A. estimated in the region of 850-860 units at the present stage.
Banks and the stock market
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