Ready to buy a house? But maybe it's more profitable to build one yourself...

Property in Greece starts at 250,000 euros, but if we talk about decent luxury and premium options, prices start at 400,000 euros. Those who are able to purchase such properties and plan to live or holiday in Greece expect a certain amount of comfort and, as a rule, are not limited to the minimum cost of the property. Having analysed dozens of transactions SARGONA PRIVATE CAPITAL can confirm that for many of our clients and wealthy individuals the more interesting option is self-build or rent-to-own. This allows all wishes to be taken into account.
Why is it more interesting to build yourself or give away for building than to buy a ready-made property?
The first step is the individual selection of the site with a number of criteria. After - preparation, negotiations and approval of the project. Then - obtaining and approving a license, which is also accompanied by a number of additional approvals and negotiations. And the last stage is construction.
Therefore, it is necessary to start with direct selection of the site. It is important to consider two circumstances here. 1 - Not all areas have the opportunity to start construction. 2 - Depending on the location of the future object, the permitted area for construction is determined. As a rule, the construction of large plots is allowed on the mainland of Greece than on the islands.
Where to start looking for options?
In settlements that have ready-made infrastructure, on a land plot of the same size, as a rule, it is allowed to build more than outside settlements. It is quite difficult to derive rules and coefficients and is often meaningless due to three factors. Factor one - the rules and conditions change quite often. Factor two - the parameters in a particular area can differ significantly. Factor three - the construction of commercial facilities, for example apart-hotels, generally occurs according to other coefficients.
Therefore, by selecting a site, a request is submitted before the transaction is completed to find out how large the object can be built on this site.
Important points should be distinguished by the following: the footage of terraces and balconies is not taken into account in the calculations. An even more interesting fact will be that the basement floor is excluded from the footage. That is, all space that is below ground level can be used, in fact, without restrictions.
The answer is unequivocal - no. Often, the buyer has only a picture of his wishes, and on their basis the construction company begins work.
In the portfolio, construction companies already have projects with ready-made solutions from which it will be possible to build. Moreover, in the portfolio of SARGONA PRIVATE CAPITAL there are plots to which there are already projects worked out to the smallest detail and, most importantly, they can be adjusted. This is ideal for those who want to build the facility quickly. But if the wishes of the client are far from the blanks, an individual project is created, taking into account all the individual wishes of the client.
Most often, the wishes of our clients are so individual that "slightly correct" turns into a large-scale alteration. Even if there are small changes in comparison with the original project, for which there can already be a license, then in the end you will still need support, negotiations and a license for your unique project.
Even such a small change as the location of the pool on the plan will require the creation of a new project, with the participation of an architect, electrician, water supply specialist. The archaeologist will again see if archaeological sites have appeared on the old site. You will then receive a new transfer license. Building on your experience, creating unique projects is more often even more profitable than making changes to existing ones. Most processes are identical.
If you still choose the finished option, then it is best not to make any adjustments to it. Or to do everything initially in your own way. But we will help adapt almost any project to the land plot. The question of financial investments and compliance with your wishes.
Is it necessary to have a ready-made project at the time of land purchase?
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