Transportation Organization
The transportation organization service aims to optimize logistics processes and improve the efficiency of cargo delivery. Frequent delivery delays and inefficient resource utilization often lead to customer claims and losses for the company. We conduct a thorough analysis of our clients' business processes and identify key problems in transportation organization.

An example of cooperation with our client, a company engaged in online sales of household goods. Thanks to our solutions, the efficiency of their logistics system increased by 20%, leading to a 15% increase in sales profit. We offered optimized delivery strategies, implemented new technologies into their business processes, and trained their staff. SARGONA's solutions improved customer service and increased the company's profit.
SARGONA PRIVATE CAPITAL provides a wide range of brokerage services for clients engaged in trading in domestic and international markets. We provide professional support at all stages of trading operations, from document processing to finding reliable suppliers and partners.

An example of cooperation with our client, a retail store of household appliances. The company faced the need to expand its product range and attract new suppliers.
Our freight forwarding services are aimed at optimizing and simplifying the process of cargo delivery. SARGONA helps provide full support for cargo from the moment of its dispatch to delivery to the destination, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability of transportation.

Let's consider an example of cooperation with one of our clients, an international electronics manufacturer. The company faced problems in organizing the delivery of its products from manufacturing centers in different countries. Numerous deliveries, complex customs procedures, and concerns about cargo security required a comprehensive solution.
Brokerage Services
We provided a comprehensive package of freight forwarding services, including cargo routing, customs clearance, cargo insurance, and real-time delivery tracking. Thanks to our solutions, the client was able to significantly improve the delivery process, reducing transit time by 30%, lowering logistics costs by 20%, and improving customer service levels.

Our freight forwarding services are aimed at providing our clients with a full range of services related to cargo delivery, from organizing transportation to solving all customs and logistical issues.
Freight Forwarding Services
However, problems in finding reliable suppliers and processing all necessary documents for contract conclusion significantly slowed down its development.

We provided a full range of brokerage services, including assistance in finding reliable suppliers and organizing contract and documentation processing. Thanks to the efforts of the company's team of specialists, the client was able to reduce the time spent on finding suppliers by 40%, improve delivery terms, and increase the range of goods by 25%.

Our brokerage services help our clients simplify the procurement process, save time and resources, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their business in the domestic market.
High-quality consulting services in logistics help clients optimize and improve processes for managing supplies, warehousing, transportation, and distribution of goods. Our team of experts has deep knowledge and extensive experience, allowing SARGONA PRIVATE CAPITAL to offer clients individual and effective solutions for optimizing their logistics operations.

Working with one of our clients - a distributor of household appliances, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the company's logistics processes and identified key problem areas.
Based on the data obtained, SARGONA PRIVATE CAPITAL employees developed an individual action plan, which included optimizing warehouse processes, improving delivery routes, and implementing modern warehouse management technologies.

We helped the client reduce the delivery time of goods by 15%, which led to an increase in order processing speed and customer satisfaction. By optimizing delivery routes and implementing efficient warehouse solutions, the client was also able to reduce its operational costs by 10%.

We strive for constant improvement of our services to provide clients with maximum efficiency and reliability in cargo delivery to any point in the world.
Logistics Consulting
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